Discover Brookfield First

Get to know more about what makes us...US!

If you have wondered about becoming a member at Brookfield First, come join our team for the next session of On Ramp. Our pastors will unpack where Brookfield First has been, where we are today, and where we are going. Join in to see what it means to make Brookfield First your home.

Grow as a Follower
of Christ

You'll learn what it means to be faithfully committed to Christ and His church. You'll also get to meet new people and form lasting friendships. 

Understand the Heartbeat of Our House

You'll hear us share the heart and vision behind our church. Also, we'll give you some "swag"—gifts to help you feel a part of the family.

Be Deployed to Change the World

You'll be better equipped to use your gifts to glorify God and impact your community for eternity. Discover all that God has for you as an ambassador of His kingdom.